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Home Organization Services

Staying organized at home reduces stress and provides you with a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Home organizing isn't for everyone, actually most people either throw things away or shove unwanted items in a room, closet, or garage, and say to themselves, I will get to it in a week. They never do and things start to accumulate so much, you forget what you actually have. That is where BF Property Services, LLC can help you. We have team members with an extraordinary knack for de-cluttering spaces and getting rooms, closets, outdoor structures, and even documents organized and cleaned up for you to start enjoying the extra space you have been missing for so long.

Home Organizing

Do you have a specific room to tackle? Do you have furniture, clothes, toys, etc., that you have been meaning to donate or take to the dump? Let us do it for you, this is an easy solution for a task you have been putting off for so long.

Moving? Family Estates? 

Moving is the best time to get really serious about downsizing the unused items you have acquired over several years or even decades. Let BF Property Services, LLC help you sort through and remove your unwanted items. We will dispose of them how you wish and we will help pack your boxes as we sift through your things. 
Has a loved one passed and you have been left to handle their estate? BF Property Services, LLC will make sure that we handle all of your families valuables and memories with the utmost care. If you are trying to sell the home and need a company to come and remove furniture, clothes, and other items, we will do so and dispose of them as you would like.

Garage and Sheds

The most common place for people to put their unwanted items is usually their garage or shed. Years of storing old tools and lawn equipment can really junk up a very useful area. Boxes of holiday décor and old kids toys you told yourself you would send for donations, it is still there. Once a garage that you could park your car or maybe two cars in has now been turned into a place for junk that you can barely maneuver through. Let's clean it up, create a system that works for you!

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