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Before and After: Kids Edition

Organizing spaces that may be cluttered and messy is part of what we do at BF Property Services. Kids rooms are no exception. Those of you with children know that they accumulate A LOT of stuff.

As kids grow their interests and sizes change therefore causing more toys and clothes to appear. Sometimes as parents we don't have time to weed through what they need and don't need to keep the clutter and mess to a minimum.

In the video above you can see the transformation of the bedroom of a four year old. As mentioned above, the number of toys in this bedroom had outgrown the room itself and many were not played with anymore. There were clothes in the closet that also were not worn anymore or did not fit.

To organize this room we moved around some furniture, cleared out clothes from the closet that were of no use anymore and placed them in bags to donate, then went through all of the toys and did the same. There was quite a pile of clothes and toys set aside to donate to someone in need. The entire process took about 3.5 hours. Aside from now having a clean, organized bedroom, the kid in this bedroom will be able to find her toys and clothes with ease.

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