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Get Your Home Holiday Ready.

Back in August it seemed like a great idea to say you'd host the holidays in your home this year. It's now December and the clock is ticking away and it's time to get busy! Here are some helpful tips to getting your home ready for the holidays.

While this may be the happiest time of the year, it is also the busiest time as well. Hosting the holidays in my home is something I look forward to and really enjoy. I love to decorate and entertain however organizing and cleaning the house becomes such a chore, especially when Christmas decorations are involved. Here are three things I do to help get my home holiday ready.

4 Tips to Cleaning Success:

Make a List.

I love a good To Do list! I find it very helpful to make a list of everything I need to accomplish so that I don't miss anything.

Set a Timer.

I like to have a timer to keep me focused on the task at hand and make sure I am managing my time well. This keeps me on schedule and guarantees I will have time to finish everything on my list. Its kind of like my own personal drill sergeant.

Turn on Some Music.

Music makes even the most unpleasant tasks more enjoyable. Turn on some upbeat music ( I prefer Christmas music when prepping my house for the holidays) and crank the volume! I promise, it will make those items on your To Do list more fun and make the time fly!

Stay Focused:

Try not to let yourself get overwhelmed if you have a lot of items on your list. Focus on the task at hand and do what you need to until that timer goes off.

I like to start with the easiest tasks first and work my way to the harder, less enjoyable tasks, You can however, clean in whatever order you'd prefer. The end result of a clean, organized home is all that matters!

During the month of December BF Property Services is offering $75 off any cleaning services and also includes one free grocery service. Available dates are December 13th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd and special hours on December 24th. Let us help you enjoy this holiday season!

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