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Our Background

BF Property Services, LLC is newly established as of September 2020, by myself, Caroline Basar. I am a local resident of the Northern Neck and currently reside in Montross, VA. 

Over the last several years I have been making the long commute to Glen Allen, VA for work. With thousands of miles and hours spent on the road and two small children at home, my time at home has become more essential to our family. 

My husband, Brandon Basar, is the owner and operator of Brandon Basar Construction, also located in Montross, VA. I have been helping him with his bookkeeping duties over the last couple years, and recently have taken on a greater role in marketing to help grow his company. That is when the light bulb went off, I put my ideas down on paper, and BF Property Services, LLC had a business plan. I saw the value in Brandon's client's homes and how his craftsmanship added to the value that was already there. 

I truly believe that offering continuing services, such as residential cleaning, exterior maintenance, and home organization, will maintain value and also increase the worth of these homes. My main focus and goal by developing this company is solely my client's satisfaction, time management, and overall better peace of mind for them at home or while visiting the Northern Neck. 

Why choose BF Property Services, LLC?  Finding a cleaning company that is worth every penny you spend can be extremely hard to find. When hiring a company or an individual to clean your home, you have to put trust into work you cannot see or review before it is done in order to make the decision to hire them. I can guarantee that my work is above the level of cleaning that you have experienced. Some may call my cleaning techniques obsessive, but I see it as going above and beyond. I do not like clutter and I surely do not like to see visible dirt. I can promise to all of our clients your home will be cleaned beyond your expectations. I have a knack for being superbly detail oriented, dedicated, and professional. As BF Property Services, LLC's staff grows, they will be trained to have the same values in order to maintain customer satisfaction.

I possess the old work values that are missing in today's world. I want to see the results and differences that my services will provide. I wholeheartedly believe that possessing strong work ethic, honesty, and integrity will reward BF Property Services, LLC with our client's trust and repeat business. I am excited for this new adventure and cannot wait to meet and provide my services to this wonderful community. 

Caroline Basar

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