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Residential Interior Cleaning Plans

BF Property Services, LLC wants to offer our clients options in the cleaning services that they are interested in. Below are the listed interior cleaning plans we offer. Our company wants our clients to be 100% satisfied with our services and our prices. We do not list prices for our residential cleaning plans because each client's house size and cleaning needs are different. Our estimates are 100% free and we can discuss cost ranges over the phone prior to booking the estimate.

Keep it Clean Plan 

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Our Keep it Clean package is recommended for clients that are looking to have their homes cleaned on a routine basis and is offered weekly or bi-weekly. This package fits any type of homeowner, whether you have a permanent residence, vacation home, or have your home listed for sale. BF Property Services, LLC will request that your first cleaning be The Nitty Gritty package and after that we will schedule you for a routine cleaning under this plan. If a specific service is not listed on the provided detailed list, we either offer this through our A La Carte menu or it is something we can add to our services. Schedule a free estimate now by clicking the Book Now button.

The Nitty Gritty Plan

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BF Property Services, LLC offers a comprehensive deep cleaning plan that will provide clients with the most thorough cleaning option available. Based on research, client responses, and personal experiences, many cleaning companies either do not offer the extensive cleaning options with their deep clean plans or they do not provide their clients with satisfaction. Owner Caroline of BF Property Services, LLC knows first hand how important it is to deep clean your home several times a year. Seasonal allergies, viruses, and bacteria can sit and accumulate in your home without you actually seeing it. A deep clean (recommended at least every 3 to 6 months) will reduce these issues and provide your family a safer and cleaner environment to live in.

New Beginnings Plan

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Are you moving out and into a new home? Or are you listing your house to sell? BF Property Services, LLC can help you get your home in the proper order before you start moving your belongings in. Are you moving out or listing your house on the market? The most noticeable focus point when selling your home is the cleanliness, especially in important areas, such as the kitchen and bathrooms. The cleanliness of your home in a buyer's eyes can create an assumption of how well the home has been cared for. Let us restore certainty while you are in a fast paced transitional time period to make your home shine with appeal!

The Procrastinator Plan

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Did you wait until the last 24 hours to clean before your company is supposed to arrive? Do you need to prepare for unexpected guests? Let us help you! We offer this plan at an hourly rate instead of by the normal calculations of our other plans. This is because you can be specific about which rooms need to be cleaned, instead of the entire house. Let BF Property Services, LLC handle your last minute clean and you can prepare more doing other things.

A la Carte Options

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BF Property Services, LLC offers individual services that can be purchased in addition to our Keep it Clean and The Procrastinator Plans. If you feel that at any point in your normal routine cleaning or last minute cleaning you need one or more of the following to be cleaned we can add this to your service. Our clients can even request to have several of these services completed without the purchase of either plans.

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