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Before and After Photos

We have been busy with some various deep cleaning jobs recently and thought you might want to see some before and after photos. Attention to detail is our priority and we strive to please!

Here is a deep clean done on a family's laundry room. This room also housed the family's dogs at night. This consisted of scrubbing walls, baseboards and cleaning behind the washer and dryer as well as wiping down the shelves on the wall. The pictures don't do it justice but you can definitely see the difference!

Before and After



Here we have two different bathrooms that I cleaned during a deep clean service. I make sure to get into every nook and cranny and leave no spot un-scrubbed. The shower and tub were scrubbed and disinfected, removing all dirt and soap scum. Baseboards were also scrubbed and disinfected and walls wiped down removing any visible debris. Windows were cleaned, including the window sills, sinks and counters were scrubbed and disinfected, mirror was cleaned, as well as the cabinets. The toilet was scrubbed and disinfected inside and out and to finish up the job the door to the bathroom was cleaned to include the door trim and above the door. Last but not least, the floors were cleaned. Bathrooms are tough, and we don't always have time to give them the attention they need. I make a point to add the attention to detail that is hard to come by given daily hectic schedules.

These are just a few examples of our work. I hope to add some more soon, however if you are impatient then see for yourself! Give us a call for an estimate and let us do the dirty work for you.

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